In A Night

by Bluebirds of Paradise

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released June 25, 2015

produced by Will Lee
mixed by Glenn Ianaro
engineered by Brendan Muldowney



all rights reserved


Bluebirds of Paradise New York, New York

Singer/songwriters Ari Hest and Chrissi Poland create this scintillating duo, an infusion of jazz & indie-folk steeped in Brazilian/world overtones

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Track Name: In A Night
In A Night

In a night I lost my heart
It was over from the very start
I surrendered to his name
how I wanted him to do the same
If a kiss could still the ocean waves
Keep my love for all your days
But I woke to the dawn
And he was gone

In a night I saw her there
All the moonlight streaming through her hair
As I drifted to her side
My desire climbed higher than the tide

If a kiss could still the spinning world
Stay with me, my mystery girl

But I woke to the sun
And with no one

These dreams
I cry of
Where is
My love
I'm lonely, longing
Each day

In a night I found the one
And my heart burned brighter than the sun
Like a blossom bursts in spring
I am reborn unto everything
If a kiss could lead my life to you
Let me wake to see it through

But a dream is a wish
Something to miss
Oh a dream is a sigh
Hello, goodbye
When I wake to the day
You've gone away
Track Name: Forevermore

Another day is the word I say to your eyes
Another night is the song I sing to your heart
Another star fallin fallin into my arms
We catch the fire, mmm
So many dreams I can dare to dream in your eyes
Too many nights I have lingered lost and alone
But if you stay fallin fallin into my arms
We’ll catch the fire, and never tire

Wouldn’t it be sad, wouldn’t it be sad
If we never had, if we never had a love to carry us forever more
Wouldn’t you be glad, and shouldn’t you be glad
Never fly away, say you’ll stay with me tonight
Now until forever more

If you believe in the words I say to your eyes
If you believe in the song I sing to your heart
Let every breath be a lessening of your sorrow
Collapse to joy, fall to joy


Nobody knows how the day is going to end
No one can tell how the story will unfold
But then again no one has to spend it alone
What do you choose, and what’s to lose

Track Name: A Little Crazy
A Little Crazy

Something's burning in your eyes
Bubbling up
As you don your best disguise
It isn't enough

I can tell you
Want to talk to me
And I'll keep in waiting patiently
But I'm concerned you may be
A little crazy

Something's got you in a trance
Filling with doubt
You try to soothe me with a glance
But you're zoning out

I can tell you
Want to clue me in
But you don't know where to begin
It's obvious to me
You’re crazy

I know we've been planning a Vacation
But I'd like to know if you're on

I wouldn't mind
I wouldn't mind
A little crazy makes me feel alive

Maybe we could plant a tree
Go to therapy
Never talk about the end
And try to be zen

Everybody's mildly insane
But there always something we could gain..
And my crazy brain
Wants to be with you
Track Name: Snow

So it’s the holidays
The light is changing
We’re closing out another year

I’m wrapped in my sweater
And life is better
Now that you and your love is near

But still I’ll be ill from the menacing chill
Before too long
The grey and the gloom will be sealing my doom
For my immune isn’t strong

I know that we only met a week ago online
But how bout we hop a plane
Cause I wanna go where there’ll never be snow again

I don’t care for holidays
They make me nervous
Everybody talks too much
I’d rather hide away
Take you along
Disappear into your touch

Oh a break from the ice would be wonderfully nice
Where should we go
To the keys or Belize, how bout Guadalajara, Mexico?
Oh hell no

I know that we only met a week ago online, but yes I’d like to hop a plane
Cause I wanna go where there’ll never be snow again

Everyone will say we’re crazy, to turn our back on Christmas day
Hannukah and all the others, that’s the plan cause I’d rather have a tan

So what we only met a week ago online, hopefully it doesn’t rain
Down in the sun where there’ll never be snow again
Cause I wanna run where there’ll never be snow again
Let’s get away to where there’ll never be snow again
Hopefully this really works out
Track Name: Aquila

You belong to everyone
You belong to no one at all
Spread across the universe
Hiding in the carbon then you call

Burning eyes, starry wings
Shining down on everything

Aquila of the sky

Some things you don't ever see
Till they pass you by

Everyday we run around
Tending to the busyness of life
Our little plans, our little moves
Worrisome until we die

But there you hang forever still
Without a care, without a will

Aquila of the sky

Suspended long before we
Had reason to cry

Brightest of the Milky Way
17 long light years from my eyes
How I long to fly with you
Looking down on all of this
We'd realize
War and death hatred all the black holes of humanity
A spec of dust
In time

Burning eyes, starry wings
Shining down on every thing

Aquila of the sky

And in the balance you lie
Holding the galaxy high
Suspended long before we
Could cry
Track Name: Try

If ever there was a reason to calm calm calm the trouble in your mind
To separate every question, leave leave leave the history behind

Come to my arms, try try try to forgive me
It’s the season to be with me again

There’s something about this landscape
The barren trees the frozen icy roads
Mirroring how my heart aches
Ever since I left you all alone


try try to forget(can you be sure)
my foolishness(how do you know)
cry cry no more(that we could rise)
come come to my door(above it all)
I’ve waited enough(can you be sure)
alls fair in love(of our love) aaaaaaaa

alone at an empty table, staring at the chair where you should be
the fire is down to embers, December skies are calling you to me

im letting go of time
could we begin again
oh say that you’ll be mine